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A head transplant, seems to be never heard of. As uncomfortable as the idea may sound, it is a trend our society may want to get used to rather quickly, assuming it can be successful in the end. That remains a big question till December this year, yet Dr. Sergio Canavero, the responsible Italian surgeon is taking all of the necessary precautions to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Head transplant: What is it?

 So, for people who don’t know what actually Head transplant is here is a short summary of it. It is a surgical operation involving the decapitating of an individual's head and grafting of the latter on another body. Till the time, the transplant has been performed on animals like monkeys, dogs and yes, of course, the most common animal opted for experimental studies, the rats...but unfortunately all of them died after a short while. In 1970, it had been done on monkeys, but by that time due to less advancement in technology the surgeons were not able to join the spinal cord leaving the animal paralysed. And after then, they started finding promising leagues for the connection of spinal cord, but failed. So they believed spinal cord transplant is a failure and so is head transplant. But , now this is going to be proven wrong and I’ll tell you how. Not to be confused with brain transplant Many of us may misconcept both transplants as same but the simple answer to this is no, they are not the same. There’s a huge difference between the two. Lemme tell you, what’s a brain transplant. A brain transplant is simply the transplant of brain from one body to other instead of the whole head. Like every experiment, this too, was performed on animals. For the first few days it didn't show any adverse effect thus, proving the brain to be immunologically privileged organ and suddenly after a few days, the animal died proving the concept wrong. This was because the immune system didn't recognise it and attack at its first, but the animal died due to immunorejection caused by the animal itself. World’s First Human Head Transplant
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